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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm really pleased to have reached my goal of answering 100 questions in 100 days. The whole intention of this blog was for a regular Christian to be sort of "put on the spot", to respond to questions about their faith. This blog ought to give the reader a sense of how a Christian really thinks, rather than how he might respond given time to Google many pastors and Seminary professors, and then give the answer he’s learned rather than the answer he honestly believes himself. While pastors and so forth have influenced my theology, I really think that for the most part the answers I have given are conclusions I’ve made through my own devotional reading of the Bible. They have been honest answers.

I’m not now giving up on this blog. I am always pondering the questions people ask of me, and posing questions for myself. From time to time I’ll continue to share my thoughts on various questions of faith. I think that the Christian faith really starts to make sense after you’ve read the Bible a few times and have a sense of the “big picture”, or have a sense of the over-arching framework of God’s plan. Something that I’ve realized through doing this blog is that the same could be said of this blog. That over-arching framework would probably start to come through if you read all of my posts, and things would then start to fit together. Of course, rather than read all of my posts it would be far better to read the Bible. If anyone is genuinely seeking answers to questions, then this would be my “catch all” answer... read the whole Bible. It’s what made me a Christian.

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is of no avail. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life. (John 6:63)

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